Leading Separation Equipment Solutions

What we do

Sacor serves as a specialist separation and process solution in South Africa. We are the only operation of our kind in the country and provide solution to most of SA’s leading businesses, manufacturers and brands.

Our turnkey mechanical engineering processes was cemented after defining our role and mission in the industry. From there we thrived in the local and international industry, specialising in maintaining, servicing, repairing and manufacturing components for Decanter Centrifuges.

Furthermore we have extended our services into refurbishing separation equipment and manufacturing and fabricating a range of process components, pumps, tanks and holding reservoirs.

Why we do it

Sacor strives to set a precedence within our trade through an unrivalled turnaround time and flexibility on our solutions, with no compromise on quality.

Whether it’s the development and manufacture of a new project, refurbishment of equipment, or even general plant maintenance, Sacor can help you.