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Sacor is a leading supplier in the high speed separation industry. We are renowned for both our quality service and workmanship and capital sales on most leading brands. Sacor offers a complete solution for all your solid liquid separation requirements. We are widely becoming recognised as respected brands in the South African separation industry, serving customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, pulp and paper, and general industrial markets. As the process specialist of our kind, our separation solutions continues to thrive in the industry through design and service.

Our success in the solid liquid separation industry is brought about by the technical expertise of our team. The Sacor team of highly skilled and qualified engineers are experts and are responsible for implementing and optimising solutions.


Process Component Experts

Sacor is a leading supplier of mechanical process components. Our industry scope includes copper, coal, petrochemical, gold, iron ore, metal and mineral refining, pulp and paper.

We supply and service OEM’s, contractors, distributors and end-users with a wide variety of products such as:

Centrifuge Decanters

Wear Tiles

centrifuge decanter  wear tiles 
Sacor manufactures Decanter Centrifuge Components for a range of industries, used for solid/liquid separation processes, particularly the dewatering of sludge’s in the chemical, mining and water treatment industry.

Sacor offers a variety of wear resistant components and products for centrifuge decanters:

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Sintered Tungsten Carbide plates
  • Polyurethane

Wear protection parts are in-place replaceable in order to save on maintenance costs of applications where high abrasive products are processed.


Measuring & control equipment

Remanufacturing Components

Sacor's measuring and control equipment offers a wide range of instrumentation for a wide range of industries: flow indicators, flow switches, flow meters, pressure, temperature, controllers, process control valves, protein, fat, coat weight measurements and blowers. Sacor Engineering has the ability to remanufacture components.

Utilising and adapting our core operating principals to suit every unique application.

All staff is trained to offer the best service and is backed by a customer service department. Contact for more information.

Our services include engineering & design services, technical advice, custom fabrication, testing & inspection, and on-time delivery.


Specialised Decanter Service

Sacor offers comprehensive decanter repair and maintenance services to all of our customers. We partner with you to make certain that your centrifuge equipment remains in prime operating condition not only immediately after you make a purchase of a product but into the future as well.

We understand the importance of maintaining the operating value of your centrifuges to optimise the mechanical reliability and maximum operational availability of process equipment. We have a vast understanding of a wide portfolio of centrifuge models and manufacturers.


Repair by replacing damaged parts and bringing critical areas back to manufacturer specifications.


Re-align, refinish, clean, and calibrate settings to factory standards.


Disassemble unit, inspect and replace out-of-constraint parts and refurbish machine.

Decanter centrifuge rotating assembly, rebuild, repair, refurbishing and complete reconditioning services often include the following steps depending on machine condition at the time of service:

  • Disassembly of decanter centrifuge
  • Cleaning of all parts and components
  • Meteor-blast all structural items and product contact surfaces
  • Measurement of all critical tolerances and bearing fits
  • Repair major sub-standard parts utilizing factory OEM prints and support and / or replace with new OEM parts
  • Installation of complete head wall and scroll bearing seal assemblies
  • Two-plane dynamic balancing of rotating assembly as required
  • Scroll / conveyor inspection including feed zone and flighting repair as well as re-hard surfacing and re-tipping with flame sprayed wear protection or replacement of sintered tungsten carbide tiles
  • Repair and squaring of bearing pillow block mounting base locations
  • Installation of rotating assembly
  • Repair and refurbishment of covers and casings
  • Perform four hour operational test-run of completed centrifuge repairs
  • Verify and record dynamic balance
  • Paint required items

Plate Heat Exchange


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