Decanter Centrifuge equipment at a fraction of the cost

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Sacor are specialists in the refurbishment of separation equipment focusing, but not limited to centrifuge decanters and our services also include the following:

  • Re-tiling of conveyor screws
  • Full re-flighting of conveyor screws
  • The refurbishment of shafts and bearing journals, by Metal ARC Spray and grind
  • The machining of various components.
  • The weld build up and machine to size of conveyor flights
  • Hard facing of conveyor Flights, through HVOF, Oxy Fuel, powder, and Arc spray.
  • Balancing Scroll / Bowl Conveyor
  • We have the capacity to transport components of up to 12 tons.
  • We have a 24 hour stand by team
  • Refurbished Equipment Available

Refurbished Equipment Available

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